Why you could benefit from listing in CE Directory

You’re either a manufacturer or a manufacturer’s representative, with either one or several (maybe even hundreds ) products you’d like to sell globally, especially to the $12 trillion USD economy of the European Union – about 25 countries with a population around 450 million and a labor force over 200 million.

Your products are of such high quality they have the trade passport for Europe - the CE Mark. You manufacture and / or sell products governed by some common CE Mark New Approach Directives (click to see examples of such product categories)

Now you want to find qualified prospects to whom you can sell quickly, easily, cost effectively to get your well deserved profits.

You don’t have or don’t want to spend millions of dollars in the traditional media (trade magazines, radio, TV, tradeshows, huge paper catalogs) in several different countries (about 25) with several different languages and different national regulatory agencies.

You do not have the financial or the human capital resources to have a large costly sales force handling 25 different countries.

Your ideal solution is CEDirectory, the top B2B CE industrial search site. Here you can list your products with a no risk, no obligation free six month trial listing.

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