How do I get a CE Approval Certificate for my products?

General steps for getting CE Mark Approvals are:

1. Identify all applicable European Directives (laws)

2. Assess your product to the “essential CE approval requirements” contained in the Directives

3. Choose the appropriate assessment path i.e. CE self certification or third party testing

4. Determine the applicable CE certificate standards (international, European, national)

5. If required, perform CE Compliance testing on your product(s) by a “competent body”

6. If desired, get your company an authorized representative in the European Union

7. Prepare a technical file including a users manual especially if your product has high risk hazards

8. Assemble the required CE Mark approvals and CE certificates and a Declaration of Conformity for each applicable Directive

9. Affix the CE Approval Logo in accordance with the laws


How long does it take to get CE Approved and a CE Certificate?


Getting CE Mark Approvals will vary depending on the product and the number of tests that must be conducted. For example, for general electrical products, CE Marking approvals can be obtained within 3 – 6 weeks.

It’s worth being CE Approved and taking time/efort to sell to the European Union economy - about $12 trillion US dollars (similar to USA), a population of about 457 million (third largest after China and India) with a labor force about 218.5 million !

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