What is the Declaration of Conformity for CE Marked Products?

By means of a CE Declaration of Conformity (certificate de conformite), the manufacturer must demonstrate that his product complies with the essential health and safety requirements of the relevant CE directives. Prior to this, the product may not be sold on the European internal market. The Declaration of Conformity is:

  • procedure in which the manufacturer or his authorized representative established in the European Union declares that the product placed on the market complies with all the relevant safety requirements of the appropriated directive (s).

  • a form that is to be supplied with every product and must be drawn up in the user's language.

The CE Mark is the external proof of the CE Conformity Declaration.

Declaration of Conformity is Legally Binding

Your Declaration of Conformity for your CE Marked product is a legally binding document that should be signed by a senior company officer. You can think of it as a sworn statement in which you declare in public that you have met all of the regulatory obligations of all relevant Directives needed to market your products in Europe.

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Where can I find a qualified company to certify my products with the CE Declaration of Conformity

The Trade Information Center website maintained by the US Federal Government has a list of Testing / Certifying labs in the USA. The US National Institute of Standards and Technology also has a list of labs on their website.

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