What is the CE Mark?
The CE Mark is a product certification mark that is placed on products compliant to the New Approach Directives of the European Union.

The CE Mark is required for manufacturers (from anywhere in the world) wishing to sell their products into the European Union. The CE Mark proves to buyers that the product fulfills all the essential safety and environmental requirements as defined in the European Directives.

The CE Marking Directive (93/68/EEC) was adopted on 07-22-1993. The CE Marking Directive gives a detailed description of the initials CE and any other marks specific to a particular directive and the ways conformity may be acquired. In return for fulfilling the CE Marking requirements, the manufacturer (or its agents) is able to market the product across the entire European market with only one approval procedure.
What is CE Directory?
CE Directory is an industrial search website that provides one source for finding CE Marked products quickly and efficiently.

CE Directory provides buyers, agents, designers, and engineers with direct access to the detailed product information needed to make a purchasing or specifying decision, including detailed technical specifications, Declaration of Conformity, and much more.
How do I search for Products or Companies on CE Directory?
Finding CE Marked products has never been this easy! Now you can search by Model Number, Product Name, New Approach Directive(s), Product SIC Code, or simply Company name.

Example: To search for a list of available products – simply enter a descriptive word in the search field – such as “valve”.
Is My Account Secure?
Once registered, each account is protected with a user name and login password, known only to the account holder.
What is a Product Listing?
A Product Listing page contains product specific information provided by the manufacturing company or sales agent. Product specific information can include: Product Name and Model numbers, Product Specifications and technical data (PDF download file format), even Product Images.
How do I contact a company listed on CE Directory?
Each Product and Company listing contains the E-Mail and contact information for the Manufacturer. Get your information direct from the source on CE Directory.
How can I provide feedback to CE Directory?
Your feedback is very important to us! We want to continue to improve our service and product offering. We're always interested in how you use the CE Directory, and how we can improve. What features and services are you looking for to make CE Directory even more useful to you and your colleagues. Please contact us directly from the Contact Request page.
How can I get my products listed on CE Directory?
Sign up today! Register on CE Directory as a Manufacturer and list your product(s) in the only dedicated CE product resource. Engineers, Buyers, Purchasers are looking for CE products today – will they find yours on CE Directory?
How can I advertise on CE Directory?
Contact us to find out about our innovative Banner Advertising Program. Request a quotation for advertising on CE Directory today.

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