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Our CE listings are comprehensive--at CE Directory, we don't just list the name of a product and a company name. We provide a complete description of the product as well as a photograph. If the buyer needs more information, we provide contact information for the manufacturer.

A manufacturer's own website will likely contain even more information about a particular product. If you are a manufacturer, it is important to make your listing as concise as possible, while not being overly sales-heavy about the product--though this depends on the type of product. Our advanced banner advertising package includes a longer description so buyers can get a full look at a product's details.

Using Keywords
It is a good idea to use certain keyphrases in order for your listing to be picked up by our search engine. It is important to use keywords that aren't too general. The more detailed you can get, the more likely it will be that your product will be reached by a certain type of buyer. At the same time, the description is not necessarily the most important part of a search.

Just as often, buyers will plug in a company name, a directive type, a product name, or even a model number. Our highly advanced search engine can bring up a number of detailed listings even with very general search terms. Your listing will then include the product name, technical information, images, and specifications. Within this framework, it is possible to also include more specific information such as how a product stands apart from other products of its kind.

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